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What is the Difference Between Warehouse Services and a Fulfillment Center in Newark, NJ

What is the Difference Between Warehouse Services and a Fulfillment Center in Newark, NJ
Fulfillment Center Newark

At Metro-Pack we are here to help you build your business by providing industry-leading order fulfillment center in NJ.

A fulfillment center is a physical space that houses and ships orders to customers to focus on more important things. These centers are set up to offer businesses cost-efficient and fast order fulfillment. Ecommerce retailers greatly benefit from minimizing the need for a physical space while gaining the ability to outsource shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment. Businesses that use the best fulfillment center Newark offers save time, money, and energy.

Warehouse Service Newark

What is the difference between a warehouse and a fulfillment center?

Both are considered large facilities that can hold inventory for several businesses. Warehouse services are typically used as a long-term solution for shipping, whereas a fulfillment center is used frequently by companies that need temporary storage for products that ship to customers. A warehouse is known for static operations, but our Newark fulfillment center has complex and constant motion. Fulfillment centers offer businesses many options that a warehouse cannot. These abilities include:

  • Order Packing
  • Managing Returns and Exchanges
  • Guaranteed Fast Shipping
  • Gathering Inventory
  • Shipment Labelling

An eCommerce business largely depends on the satisfaction of their customers. When an individual has a bad experience with shipping, they tend not to place a second order. Trusting the best fulfillment service Newark NJ has to offer ensures that your business remains strong and relevant.

Fulfillment Center Newark

For more information on growing your business while reducing the stress of shipping and receiving, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call. We work with you to create custom fulfillment and warehousing services.

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