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Fulfillment Center FAQ

Fulfillment Center FAQ
Fulfillment Center NY

Using a fulfillment center in NY works for eCommerce businesses. Utilizing a fulfillment center saves you time and provides you available space to store excess products. Shipping and handling is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of manpower.

Fulfillment Center NY

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If you’re ready to use a fulfillment center, you may have a lot of questions. Let’s go over the most common questions our customers have.

  • Can I change the address on a shipment? There is a specific time frame where you can change the address on a shipment. Before the order is processed or shipped, you can change the shipping address on your own.
  • How long for my order to ship? Orders are shipped within 24 hours as long as the product is ready to go. Keep in mind that certain holidays and severe inclement weather affect shipments.
  • What happens with a lost or damaged shipment? When an order is damaged or lost, we will file a claim for you.
  • Will the consumer get an email notification? Our centers will work with you and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to provide your customers with notifications. Once the order leaves our centers, we will give the consumer a notice with the tracking number.
  • Can I add a signature confirmation to the order? Yes! This is a feature allowed through USPS.
Warehouse Service NY

Let us help you make shipping your products more accessible, we can provide you with one of the best fulfillment centers NYC has to offer. Call us today for all your fulfillment center, and warehouse service NY needs.

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