How Reward Fulfillment Can Keep Customers Coming Back

How Reward Fulfillment Can Keep Customers Coming Back

How Reward Fulfillment Can Keep Customers Coming Back

As a business owner, customer satisfaction should be your top priority. You do not want consumers to use your business once and never return. You want to ensure they become repeat customers. One great way to have customers coming back is using reward fulfillment. When using reward fulfillment, discuss it with your fulfillment center. The best fulfillment center NJ offers can ensure reward fulfillment is carried out correctly and efficiently.

Reward fulfillment is divided into three categories: subscription services, prize sourcing, and marketing. Each category uses unique strategies to incentivize customers.

Subscription Services

Subscription services ship products on a predetermined basis. Different forms of this service are curated boxes and sending specific items to customers. If you create easily bundled products, subscription services are a great option.

Prize Sourcing

Examples of prize sourcing are running competitions or giveaways for customer participation. This type of reward fulfillment is fun for customers and increases consumer engagement.


Marketing fulfillment is the most common form of reward fulfillment. In this category, you include promotional items in addition to the items purchased by customers. Packing inserts, such as stickers, business cards, or thank you notes, are examples of marketing fulfillment.

No matter which reward fulfillment category you choose, you must speak with your fulfillment center. Communication is key to ensuring consumers are getting their rewards. Make sure your warehouse can store the additional items needed. Also, make sure the fulfillment center has the staffing to fill the orders and keep track of the rewards.

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